Excerpts from reviews over the years.

‘Lucy Day does a great job at putting the pop-sensibilities into folk music. Expect big things.’
BBC Norfolk Introducing

‘A fantastic combination of melodious indie and folk rock…powerful and moving’
– BBC Derby

a Joni Mitchell vein that goes to your heart…’
Gobshout fanzine

‘Unlike a load of the music around at the moment, this will grab you straight away- it’s pure and simple, you won’t have to try hard to like it…A voice to die for.’
– Maddog Magazine

‘Lucy’s lyrical maturity can’t go unnoticed. As I make my way through the sessions, I long to know a bit more about her influences. “The Land of the Dead,” with its phantoms, gives me a bit of personal imagery. Rather, I mean I derive my own personal meaning from it, which is something all artists should hope for…it sure helps songs stick in people’s heads when they can attribute new meaning. That is a difficult task to accomplish; it takes wit.’

Souno Mazzi (Review of the Shoreham Sessions, The Knights Project)

‘A mellowed out Ani Difranco engaged in a show-down at dusk with Aimee Mann. Like most of her predecessors and contemporaries, Lucy’s pull factor, the near country twang in her voice, is heavily underestimated by the listening British majority.’

Drunken Werewolf Magazine

’wonderfully honest and beautifully tangible’

Toxic Pete

‘Six fine simple well crafted perfectly recorded English bedroom folk songs from Derbyshire, couldn’t be any less perfect than it is…’

– DSD Reviews (review of A Trick of the Light EP)

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